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When you join HCF through RAC you’ll receive an exclusive cash back reward.* The reward will depend on the type of cover you buy. See terms and conditions.

Cover type
Family or couple cover
Single cover
Hospital and extras
$400 $200
Hospital cover only $300 $150
Extras cover only $100 $50


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mobile apps

Access HCF resources on the go through our range of apps.

No-gap services

Looking after your health is easier with 100% back on six key extras.

Access medical resources

Heart checks, hospital stats, procedure guides and more.

Manage your health

Programs and resources to set you up for a healthier future.


We know it can be hard to make time to manage your health. That's why we’ve partnered with GP2U, a convenient online GP service.

Online GP consultations can’t be claimed from Medicare or private health funds, but HCF members get a discount on GP2U’s standard rates (which start at $69 for 15 minutes). 

*An email will be sent outlining how to claim your RAC cash back joining offer electronically. Your payment will be processed up to 6 weeks after you have paid your first 3 months’ premium and will be made by direct deposit to your nominated bank account. You must not have been a HCF member 2 months prior to taking up the offer. You must have a valid email address registered on your policy, and have maintained the policy after the 30 day cooling off period ends, in order to receive  payment.